Vivisector Biotec Campus Sabotaged (Philadelphia, US)

via: Philly Anti-Capitalist.

On June 1, under the moonlight, some feral gnomes poured grit into the lubrication system of an earth destroying machine – paralyzing it before it kills more of the post-industrial wild habitat in Bartram’s. The goal of this earth destroyer, and the developers in power of it, is to raze the land, killing and displacing all of the wild and free life from the area in order to make way for a Biotec Campus who markets a sanitized version of life. That life includes the torture of nonhumans and displacement of humans and nonhumans alike for it’s concrete pathways and steel buildings.

We will oppose every destroyer, every tool of power and development that seeks to capture, kill, torture, and displace all our lives. The feral land, trees, nonhuman and human animals will not be bulldozed with ease.