ALF Destroys 90 Posters Promoting Zoo (Fulda, Germany)

Received anonymously:

Over the course of 5 nights, 90 posters of a Christmas circus in Fulda were destroyed, painted and taken down. The ALF activists want to ensure that fewer visitors support animal exploitation in the circus.

In addition to human artists the circus keeps animals to entertain the audience. Besides ponies, horses, huskies and camels, wild reindeer from Lapland are supposed to perform there.

The animals are kept on an empty concrete or gravel area and only have branches lying on the ground.

This form of husbandry does not resemble there natural habitat in the slightest!
On top of the horrible living conditions, the animals have to endure daily training/shows against their will and the stress during the transport from one city to the next.

We demand an immediate ban of using animals for entertainment purposes and the liberation of all animals!

We will fight until every enclosure and cage is empty!