Animal Rebellion Liberates 18 Beagles from MBR (UK)

From Animal Rebellion:

BREAKING: Eighteen Beagle Puppies Rescued from Animal Testing: Two Dogs Captured and Held By Police: We Need Your Help!

At 5am this morning Animal Rebellion gained entry to MBR Acres, and rescued 18 beautiful beagle puppies. These lucky few are now safe, where they now live a happy life with loving families, free from the pain and torture of experimentation.

The lucky 18 are now being transported to safety. We are thrilled these beautiful, gentle puppies will be spending their Christmas in warm, loving homes, and not in miserable, unsanitary pens awaiting unimaginable horrors.

Two dogs, named Love and Libby, have been intercepted by police and are currently sitting in a police car. These individuals will now be classed as ‘contaminated property’, and will be killed unless we can get them out.