“The tree we like is the one with the hunter: but hanging!” (Italy)

The Centopercentoanimalisti group contested the hunters’ Christmas tree with a banner hung in the night in front of the church of Sernaglia. The writing, in strong tones, affixed by the group reads: “The tree we like is the one with the hunter: but hanging!”. The animal rights activists have also released a video on Youtube showing their nocturnal blitz.

Everything starts from the decision of a local group, “Hunters and children” of Falzè di Piave to create an “ecological” Christmas tree by reusing thousand used shells. A choice dictated, in their opinion, by the need to to educate hunters and children the reuse of materials. The tree was made in Fontigo, along the Piave bed.

A choice against which she immediately lashed out Anti-vivisection leaguewho judged it “macabre and non-educational”.

“The paradox of this macabre tree,” he declares Giacomo Bottinelli, manager of “At school with Lav“, “is that hunting has nothing to do with eco-sustainability, so much so that the cartridges that decorate it are the same ones exploded by hunters against innocent animals and, very often, left to pollute woods and countryside. Plus the cartridges on the tree celebrate death, when Christmas is a celebration of life and rebirth”.

To round up the dose, on the night of December 22nd, the Centopercentoanimalisti group which, in addition to posting the banner, released a note: «The hunters of the Medio Piave are very active, between one dinner and another they get busy in the “social”. A phantom “Hunters and Children” is added to various acronyms of hunting associations: the name is already a program, and needs no comments. They organize lessons in schools and gruesome “trophy” exhibitions, i.e. of animals they have killed. This year they had a brilliant idea.’ After explaining what the use of shell casings as illuminated trinkets to hang on the Christmas tree consists of, the animal rights activists write: “We think with horror how many animals these bloodthirsty barbarians have killed, and for pure fun”.