Activists Liberate 41 Hens, 4 Ducks, 2 Geese (Brittany, France)

Received anonymously:

This night we went in different breedings and where birds are exploited for their eggs or their flesh. These farms are officially organic free range places where the individuals are supposedly happy until they are on-site gently slaughtered.

The truce is well different: the hens were plucked, thousands of them in a dusty building, without outdoor access because of the avian flu that has been around for months.

The geese and the ducks were parked in an enclosure without anything to entertain themselves or to fulfill their biological needs like a water point, and just a few meter away from the noises of a little slaughterhouse where their brothers and sisters are killed.

Every one of them will now have happy lives with loving humans who will not consider them as objects or food providers.

Happy exploitation does not exist, fight every single one of them ✊🏼