ALF Liberates 50 Captive Birds (Norfolk, UK)

Received anonymously:

The ALF recently liberated around 50 “game” birds being held in a release pen in Norfolk.

These sentient earthlings were imprisoned during a 32oc heatwave, waiting for a sad bunch of wankers to show up with their big guns and inferiority complexes.

Activists cleared the pen and watched the birds reclaim their stolen freedom, flying off into the night.

Once the last few stragglers had been evacuated, no time was wasted in tearing the structure to the ground.

When it was thoroughly trashed, activists left to contemplate where to hit next.

The animal rights movement continues to strengthen, gaining support and momentum. Violence towards the innocent will not be accepted in the just, peaceful and sustainable world we must forge. And sorry huntscum, but that means finding another outlet for your sexual dysfunction.