36 Hens Liberated, Inspired by T&S Rabbits Campaign (UK)

Received anonymously:

This week saw 202 rabbits saved as a result of the campaign against T&S rabbit farm, something that proved without a doubt that what we as activists do makes a difference, something that inspires us all to do more.

Last night saw 36 hens saved, as we took that feeling of inspiration and turned it into action.

So many of us read hit reports and applaud the results, wondering what it would be like to do such a thing… Well turns out, it’s pretty fucking easy TBH.

After finding homes for hens in sanctuaries, and selecting a suitable site (found by browsing maps on aerial view on a secure browser, having installed a VPN), we went out under cover of darkness. Carriers in hand, we masked up, gloved up, and found an entry point to the shed, without even needing to break down the door. One person stayed on lookout, the other entered the dark shed with a headtorch, scooped the hens into the carriers… and off we went. These hens have been saved from horrific conditions and bloody slaughter. These hens will now live happy fulfilling lives.
It really was that simple.

And there really is no reason not to.

This action is dedicated to the rabbits saved from T&S farms – may your freedom inspire the liberation of many more animals.

Until all are free,

From a couple of average normal people, just like you. #noheros