33 Hens Liberated in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (UK)

Received anonymously:

As we walked up to a shed filled with 50,000 innocent lives, there were blue lights behind us and a newer, loud fan system on the shed. It was noisy and tense. We hung back to make sure all was clear and the blue lights continued past us.

We had to crawl under 3m of floor boards into the unknown before standing up surrounded by tens of thousands of hens who deserved to be free. We had limited capacity but we managed to squeeze a few extras in.

That is 33 lives saved. Every one of them an individual who wants freedom, happiness and a good life. Not one of exploitation.

We hope this encourages more people to get active and go save lives! Get down to MBR Beagles. THEY WILL BE SAVED!

In solidarity.