Bird Traps Destroyed by Fire (UK)

Received anonymously:

The gamekeeper in the area has grown quite upset. He even reported multiple “missing” traps to the police a few weeks ago and has been constantly complaining about people trespassing over Facebook.

It wasn’t a surprise that after a whole month of relentless visits, we couldn’t find anything left. Until we decided to poke behind his house.

This guy is an idiot. Who leaves wooden Larsen traps next to a garden bonfire?

Sadly one of the birds was already dead, but the other one flew away, free at last. The larsens ended up on top of the bonfire and 100% they burnt without the help of a gas can that was conveniently placed by the bonfire. Maybe.

Get the memo you mug. It doesn’t matter if you’re killing in the fields or in your garden. We will find your shit and destroy it, time after time.


The howling wildlife guerrilla.