Wild Boar Liberated, Hunting Towers Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously:

During the night between the 22nd and 23rd of August, in France (Loire-Atlantique), we decided to attack the powerful hunting lobby on two fronts.

We destroyed and tagged 14 hunting towers at different places: a dozen next to a forest and some others hidden in a swamp vegetation. No animal was directly saved but hunters will have more difficult to kill innocent people and they will have to spend thousands of euros to rebuild these towers.

We also chose to destroy a wild boar breeding. A large part of the wire mesh was cut, and we put bait (rotten flesh and apples recovery, we are of course against all animal exploitation) to attract the animals outside the park and free them. During all the operation, the dozens of wild boars never stopped following us, curious and impatient to escape, proving their huge intelligence.

We were not able to take images of this part of the action for practical reasons. We hope they went far away to live a new life, even if they still risk encountering the murderous hunters.