ALF Liberates 20 Turkeys (UK)

10th July, South East, UK

Received anonymously:

A few nights ago we visited a high welfare farm, which has over the last month received the turkey chicks that they plan to murder for Christmas… We planned to get 30 small chicks, but unfortunately the barn we found open had larger Turkeys, so we could only fit 20. They were all asleep when we arrived, so they were quite easy to catch and we placed them into supermarket bags. (Side note do not try to use supermarket bags for larger birds, it was very hard to contain them!) It is such a heart breaking decision picking who gets to leave this hell forever, but we left in high spirits knowing these 20 were free.

We managed to get them out without any issues, and took them to a sanctuary where they will live out their lives without being killed for profit. Turkeys are quite expensive from this farm, so this has also had a financial impact.

Fuck Fhamers, Fuck Free Range, Fuck All Animal Use.