Butcher Shop Windows Smashed, Spray Painted and Locks Glued In Memory OF Regan Russell (Brighton, UK)

Received anonymously:

Filled with rage at the news that a comrade had been murdered by a slaughterhouse truck driver, we took a very small portion of it out on this butcher shop, a place set on profiting no matter how much blood is spilt on the way. We cannot leave these places untouched, COST THEM, make it hurt.

We dedicate this action to Regan Russell, who thought doing something was better than nothing. We will remember you, the struggle continues and we will not let up. We’ve seen the call to #SavePigs4Regan and we’d like to expand on it. This is a call to action to DO SOMETHING. Target these places every way we can, #SmashButchers4Regan.

In case you’re wondering, this is the address of the place we visited: Choice Cuts, 95 Preston Drove BN1 6LD.

Love, rage, ALF