Milk Company Sabotaged (Bern, Switzerland)

According to an anonymous report on Barrikade , in late November the headquarters of Swissmilk in Bern was attacked. Butyric acid was poured in a stairwell.

Claim of responsibility (German):
We attacked the headquarters of Swissmilk at Brunnmattstrasse 21, 3007 Bern. We distributed a stinking liquid there to spoil the business at the headquarters of the Swiss milk producers (SMP). These companies and lobbies are:


– Swissmilk Marketing
– Swiss milk producer SMP
– industry organization Butter GmbH
– Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG
– Agro-Marketing Suisse AMS

These companies combine animal exploitation and nationalism in a particularly hideous way. “Our” Swiss cows, “Our” Swiss farmers, etc.

A look at the Swissmilk homepage is enough to know that huge sums are being invested in marketing to distract from the facts of harmful milk and animal production.
Milk production means animal exploitation and environmental degradation (see below). Milk is also a colonial product, the industrial production of which has spread from the European metropolises to colonies and countries of the Global South.

Animal-exploiting companies, lobbies, businesses: your business stinks to heaven!

20min reported:
The attack also occupied the farmers’ newspaper, the “Swiss farmer” and
At no time was there any danger to the local people.

We are shaking the animal exploitation industry.
Who’s next?
There are countless goals.