Open Rescue of 22 Chickens (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

Rescue Action L (October 2019)

Lukas helps me to pull myself up to the window. It’s a small window and the nails are protruding out of its old frame. About two meters below me I see the chicks. I climb down to them, stand there for a moment and look around. I see those who are alive beeping, running and laying around. I see those who are dead in various stages of decay. The same view as many times before.

We don’t have much time so I start catching them. I can’t move fast to not scare them. As soon as I catch few chicks, I go back to the window and give them to Lukas, who has taken some photos. He hands them to another rescuer and she carefully puts them into the bag.

It’s done. Another 22 birds are rescued. From misery straight away to life.

Before we leave for home, I take the camera from Lukas and take some more photos.

I want to thank those who provided home for them. I want to thank those who help us.