Open Rescue of 39 Hens (Spain)

Reported by activists in Spain (click here for video from the action):

Last night we entered the biggest farm of the leading company in poultry farming in Spain, Huevos Guillén, who supplies eggs to the biggest supermarket in the country, Mercadona.

This company has 11 farms, almost 500 employees and 6 million egg laying hens who produce more than 157 million dozen egg boxes per year and made more than 184 million euros in 2017. On their website they say that they are ‘governed by the European Model of Egg Production, the strictest regulations in the world. The pillars of this Model are: to promote environmental sustainability, the highest levels of animal welfare and animal health’

Last night, we exposed them. We saw with our own eyes that this is all lies and propaganda, used to deceive the consumer into buying their products guilt-free. But there is nothing guilt-free about eggs and their is nothing free about free-range.

And EVEN IF these hens were genuinely roaming around freely outside, this farm has 4 other enormous barns with hens in cages, so your money all goes to the same thing regardless. Please do not believe their LIES. You are being fooled. They don’t care about the hens or the consumer, all they care about is MONEY.

Enriched, free range, organic, whatever you want to label it, there is no humane way to eat eggs and here is the proof. #MERCADONAEXPOSED