ALF Sabotages Hunt Weekend in Sydney, Australia

On May 5th 2019, members of the Animal Liberation Front from around Australia came together to disrupt the opening hunt weekend of the Sydney Hunt Club in NSW who use enslaved horses and hounds to terrorize and murder foxes. All of the facebook pages and groups as well as the website used by Sydney Hunt Club have subsequently been taken off line.

The horse stables and dog kennels located at Tovalee Stables in Yass were sabotaged with trucks and horse floats disabled and gates chained shut.

8 other properties had effigies of Donnchad Brown, the lead Huntsman, hung outside their properties with a banner that read ‘STOP THE DIRTY OLD HUNTS’.

Attached in the images, is an image of the upcoming Hunt calendar for the Sydney Hunt Club.We ask that the public use this information to disrupt the remainder of the hunt season through similar disruptive actions.

We are not fighting to change a law, we are fighting against the whole system to secure freedom and safety for all. We do not negotiate with the terrorists who seek to end lives and inflict terror and suffering on our animal comrades.

Calendar –

Tovalee Stables – Yass River – This is where the hounds kennels are and where all the horses are kept.

-34.877537, 149.083054

Foxlow Station – Primrose Valley

(-35.4852388, 149.4438082)

Bedervale – Braidwood

1a Monkittee St, Braidwood NSW 2622, Australia

Cardross – Yarra

Cardross Lane, Yarra


Little Vale – Woodhouselee

583 (number on letter box)

1132 (number on yellow sign on fence)

Woodhouselee Road, Woodhouselee

Tarlo Hill – Tarlo

Wills Way and Taralga Road intersection, Tarlo

Tyrol – Myrtleville

Hillcrest Road has a number of letterboxes on it and is located on the corner of Hillcrest Rd and Taralga Rd with the house located near the corner or Soildiers Settlement Road South in Myrtleville

Arthursleigh – Big Hill  (Owned by Sydney University)

Arthursleigh Road until you find the ‘Eco Olive Farmstay’. Shortly after you will find a cluster of letterboxes on the right.

Bangadilly Station – Canyonleigh

Follow Bangadilly road to the end (it will turn to gravel) and you will see the sign for ‘Bangadilly Station’ In Canyonleigh

Wingello Park – Marulan

Number ‘14595’ and ‘14597’ on the front fence as well as a sign with ‘Val Mal Group’. Sign for ‘Wingello Park’ on the front gate.

Opposite Wollumbi Road (-34.6570778, 150.0815483)

Newbury Farm – Sutton Forest

278 Golden Vale Road, Sutton Forest

Sign on front fence that reads “Golden Vale”.