Open Rescue of 109 Hens (Czech Republic)

Received anonymously from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

Open rescue XLVII (May 2019) & In Memory Albert

This report contains six actions and 109 rescued animals altogether.

We did not ask businessmen, politicians nor consumers. We did not conduct public opinion polls. Why should we? We’ve climbed the fence, opened the door and took the hens out of that place.

Now they are in new homes with people who make the world a better place for them. Now they can spread their wings and run free. They have sun instead of artificial light. Fresh air instead of a fan. Weaker ones can hide from the stronger ones.

It is not normal that animals are kept in such conditions and for such purposes. It is normal that we do not leave them there.

In Memory Albert

After WW2 USA launched a space program that was based on nazi technologies and knowledge gained from German scientists.

In 1948 the US government sent a little monkey, named Albert (Macaca mulatta), into the space. He was fixed into a tubus without the ability to move at all. The tubus was then inserted into a rocket. Most certainly, Albert suffocated even before the start because the air device malfunctioned.

In 1949 Albert II (Macaca mulatta) died on landing because of a parachute malfunction. In the same year Albert III (Macaca fascicularis) died because of rocket explosion and Albert IV (Cebus capucinus) who survived both the flight and desert landing nevertheless was boiled alive in the sealed tubes before they retrieve him.