ALF Destroys 23 Hunting Towers in Germany

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal:

We stumbled upon a map with over 20 shooting towers marked on it. As it was close by, we decided to have a little walk around in the woods and destroy as many as we could find.

We weren’t too surprised to realize that hunters were waiting for us, on a big group, and taking turns to watch over all the towers in the area. Regardless, they cannot watch every single one of them at the same time, so we took advantage of the situation and destroyed three, deciding to come back at night to do the rest.

When the night fell, a big group of us masked up, grabbed our pocket chainsaws and started the walk. As soon as we arrived in the woods and could see the first, enormous tower, shots were fired. They were not hunting, they were firing warning shots! We run, we run wondering how far they would take it, and we hid in the woods. After a while, the police arrived so we decided to pay another visit the day after.

After playing cat and mouse for a few days, all towers were demolished. 23 hunting seats and towers were removed, broken, reused for firewood or building material or dumped through the window of a local hunter’s house.

You don’t scare us. We will always find a way.

Animal Liberation Front.