ALF Liberates 9000 Pheasants from Game Farm in Suffolk (UK)

Received anonymously from Stop the cull (click here for video from the action):

Heath Hatcheries in Suffolk was visited by us over the Easter Bank Holiday.
A clear path was made so that the birds headed towards the forest and away from the road, grain was put down to attract them in that direction.
Once inside the farm we went straight to the battery cages which were inside a fenced off area, we could hear partridges but we could also see an expensive sensor based security system, we had to leave these partridges as we did not have the equipment with us to disable the alarm system.
We surveyed the 45 breeding pens for pheasants, then removed a panel from each one of these pens, herded the pheasants out into the corridor then further on and out of the farm directly into a wooded area, each pen contained around 200 birds, making the total around 9,000.
Shoots put in orders to game farms well in advance each year before the shooting season begins, with game farms being targetted across the country many shoots may well go out of business this year.

We will continue to dismantle the shooting industry, farm by farm, shoot by shoot, until the end.

Animal Liberation Front