ALF Liberates Thousands of Pheasants from Game Farm in Chilmark (UK)

Received anonymously from @ALFUKpress (click here for video from the action):

We decided after reading recent hit reports from other activists that it was time we did something about it as well.

The game farm at ‘Chilmark Common’ is just south of the village of Chilmark. We found 8 very large pens each pen had approximately 400-600 birds, totaling somewhere between 3,200-4,800.

These breeding birds would have gone on to produce tens of thousands of offspring that would have been reared in factory farm conditions, to be put into pheasant pens in the late summer then shot. By releasing the breeding birds now, we hope that far fewer birds will go on to be shot this Winter.

We removed fence panels from the end of each pen, then walked through the pen and hearded the pheasants out, closing the pen behind us after each one so that they didn’t run back in.

It was an incredible sensation to be amongst all these birds, who were making their first flights without bashing into a net. We hope they find peace in the surrounding woods.

Animal Liberation Front