Dog Rescued from Abusers in Sweden

Received anonymously:

Dog rescued from abuse in Närke, Sweden.

This sweet dog was being kept outside in a cage 24/7 in the freezing cold
Swedish winter. Not being let out to play or for walks.

Neighbours had reported hearing him barking and crying out for hours on end
desperate for human contact and freedom. When the owners refused to take
the neighbours concerns in to consideration the ALF took action.


The floor of his cage was covered in feces and his water had frozen solid.
Judging by the way he wolfed down his food, it seems like he hadn’t been
fed for a while either. Even though he had no reason to trust humans
anymore he was so excited as soon as the activists saved him. Wagging his
tail constantly as they showered him with love.

Now the dog who has been named Alf will be in a loving home for the rest of
his days!