Liberate: Stories and Lessons on Animal Liberation Above the Law

New title from Peter Young, available January 2019

A collection of essays, lecture transcripts, and unpublished writings from former animal liberation prisoner Peter Young.

  • Breaking into farms and labs.
  • Researching ALF targets.
  • Fugitive stories of being hunted by the FBI.
  • History of ALF lab raids.
  • How to liberate animals from farms (and more).
  • Prison survival for activists.
  • Anecdotes and lessons from being targeted law enforcement.
  • The outlaw’s guide to security culture.
  • The “seven laws of militance.”
  • Actionable lessons and tactics from the Animal Liberation Front.

…and more.

From personal accounts of moving from protest to liberation, to facing a life sentence for freeing animals, to becoming a federal fugitive, to prison and beyond.

Liberate contains over 30 essays, transcripts, and interviews on the principles and tactics of animal liberation above the law.

This is the most comprehensive collection of writings and speeches ever assembled from within the secretive world of “America’s number one domestic terrorist threat.”