5000 Mink Liberated in Hjo, Sweden

Received anonymously (click here for video from the action):

On the 19th of August activists entered a fur farm during a protest in Hjo,
Sweden. 5000 mink were freed from their cages and so far no one has been
charged for the action. Activists covered the farmers home in stickers to
remind him that someone will always be watching until every last cage is
empty. Not only does the farmer Knut Indebetou torture mink he also raises
thousands of chickens for slaughter, this is not the first time he has been
targeted and it will not be the last!

(No horses were released by activists but the farmer has made this up to
discredit the action)

Additional report:

The farmer has earlier been targeted by animal rights activists such as
animal rights militia because of the minkfarm.
Knut Indebetou who runs the farm has also a large chicken farm with
250.000 chickens for meat production.

If you want to adress you concerns,
Knut Indebetou (64y/o)
Lilla solberga 1, 54492 HJO