28 Hens Liberated (France)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the rescue):

On the night of July 20th, animal rights activists have rescued 28 hens from a 140,000 laying hens farm.

These animals, victims of legal persecution, were subjected to a life of agony: their bodies were mutilated, piled up, compressed, and exploited for their eggs. They are all genetically tortured to increase their prolificity. Born to produce until exhaustion: a perpetual horror, hidden behind the walls of their prison sheds.

These hens (less than a year and a half old) spent all their short life trapped on and behind grids, without ever being able to see the daylight.

France is the first egg producer in the European Union. Almost 70% of laying hens survive in this type of battery cage farm.

This rescue left us a powerless feeling when we closed the door of this hell and left behind us tens of thousands other birds who will never see the sky, sun or grass, only the hard and uncomfortable contact of their bars, and who will be murdered in a slaughterhouse. Innocents jailed for life, guilty for being different.

The rescue team recorded this because it is essential that our society be aware of what is going on inside these persecution camps. These images are not isolated cases: behind the walls of each farm or slaughterhouse occur every day and every night unspeakable horrors. Lives are taken, in the worst possible way, and without any valid justification. There is no “right way” to use and exploit individuals, whether for their milk, eggs, fur, feathers, or flesh.

Living in an antispeciesist society means liberating our fellow earthlings from this perpetual holocaust, used for human benefits, stopping the crime business and creating an equal world for everyone, regardless of the specie.

Breeding is Slaving
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