ALF Liberates Pigeons (Germany)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal (translation):

When we entered this hellhole of a place we discovered many utility pigeons being bred there. These pigeons are used in competitions to either race or for their special feathers as a beauty contest. We quickly broke the only two windows of the sheds to let them fly free. It was beautiful to see them all fly at the same time, fast and on all directions, straight to the sky and allowed to freedom.

Sadly, about twenty were nesting and had babies so they would not leave their box, so we decided to take their rings off to make the breeder confused about the animals living there. It felt like cutting handcuffs off a recently escaped human prisoner. We took all the breeding records and burnt them. We broke the diplomas and cups won by the human in different pigeonbeauty competitions.

Some caring humans are now working on the rewilding of those animals as we are aware that racing pigeons will try to come back to those sheds, so they are providing them with other roosting options and feeding them in different directions in the hope that they find their new freedom more comforting than the prison they were living at. As far as we know, all of them remain free.

We want to dedicate this action to our comrade UPiii, still in prison without court date and forced to keep their wings very close to their body in that horrible plastered cell. We hope that those birds make them feel free and able to fly, once again, into wilderness.

Radical action is needed against animal oppression and against human oppression. Do your bit and dedicate it to UPiii. They need support and they need freedom.