ALF Liberates 75 Turkeys (Germany)

Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal:

We walked surely and quietly by the sheds, being careful to not trigger the motion sensor that switches the lights on. It was late and we were aware that if the light switched or the turkeys started being loud the farmer would wake up immediately.

We looked from shed to shed, realizing that most turkeys were grown adults scheduled for slaughter in the next few days. We could not afford to just take a few.

Luckily, the last shed had newborns peacefully sleeping on the ground. We forced entrance squeezing us through the air vents of the building. Quickly, 75 turkeys were placed in boxes and granted a life of freedom.

We sprayed an ALF logo on a wall before leaving, making sure that the farmer would know we had been there.

On our way back, a vehicle appeared behind us. We had no other option but to face it. We are not too sure what the driver thought, but after walking towards the car, masked up and in black, they turned the lights off and drove away quickly without looking back.

Now those animals will live a life of freedom and happiness, away from the greed of capitalists that murder animals for a profit. Now they will not have to face the teeth of the machine biting their lives away for the pleasure of some.

We want to dedicate our action to the Hambis still in prison, kidnapped by the German state for caring about climate justice. All prisoners want to be free.