Poultry Farm Targeted by ALF (Switzerland)

Received anonymously:

This week, we have decorated the headquarters of the swiss egg and
chicken production: the villa at Burgerweg 22, 3052 Zollikofen (near the
capital, Bern). This villa houses the swiss Association of egg producers
GalloSuisse, the magazine of the swiss poultry producers, a federal research
institute for poultry, as well as AviForum, a lobby institution to foster swiss
poultry production. on the white facade of the building, we wrote in big
letters: ‘over 50 million chickens killed for profit. No peace for animal
murderers! ALF’

Our action was just a small outcry against the outrageous,
horrifying reality of (swiss) animal production. More than 50 million chickens
die every year in swiss factories. Our detailed communiqué (in German) can be
found on barrikade.info.

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