Tyler released from halfway house, done with probation!

A year ago, Tyler Lang was sentenced to three months time served, six months home imprisonment, six months in a halfway house, and a year of supervised release, along with restitution. Today, he was released from the halfway house and his term of supervised release ended!

Tyler was sentenced under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for freeing 2,000 mink from a fur farm and spray-painting “Liberation is Love” on the side of a barn with his codefendant Kevin Johnson. The fur farm closed down as a result of their action — saving generations of animals from being tortured and killed there.

Tyler has been eagerly awaiting this day and is excited to keep moving on with his life. He is grateful for all the support that people have shown him and Kevin since their arrest — so thank you to everyone who wrote to him, made a donation, spread awareness about their case, and turned an AETA indictment into a time of showing solidarity.

Celebrate this day with Tyler, and also take time to support people who are still imprisoned and to work for animals who are still in cages.