July 7 – 10: Free Animal Lib Workshop Update, Hotel Share Available

nio-768x904The Alliance to Win Animal Rights (At War) announced our first FREE “Escalation Workshops” last month which will be held at the home of a director of Eleventh Hour for Animals in Wildwood, Florida from July 7 – 10. For full details, please see our announcement HERE.

This is purely a grassroots effort designed to bring together serious like-minded activists, to share information, strategies, how to research and gather data, and how to use it most effectively to confront abusers and advance Animal Liberation. We must learn to focus our limited resources where they can be most effectively employed to realize the greatest gains, the bottleneck effect. Our objective is always to present the greatest threat to animal terrorists and be the best friend we can to their victims.

And we will literally be sleeping on the floors, sofas or beds, wherever there is space, to get some sleep if need be.

At War has begun to create waiting lists for workshops that will take place in the future. However, 2 activists will be staying at a hotel in Orlando and have offered to open up their room and share expenses if this will facilitate others’ ability to attend. Orlando will allow easy access to those interested in attending a Seaworld demo, an ideal place to recruit, while central Florida allows easy access to vivisectors in every direction.

For further information and to confirm one of the last available spots or be put on waiting lists for the future, please write to info@atwarforanimals.com. We look forward to working with you.

In the words of Walter Bond (aka Abdul Haqq), “Animal Liberation whatever it may take!”