Capergnanica (Cremona), Italy – Mink breeding farm under attack

In the night of 31st December we broke into the breeding farm run by farming company Master in Capergnanica (Cremona).
Our intention was very clear: to free the minks locked up in there and destroy cages and instruments. After we opened a gap in the fence we cut the high voltage cables meant to prevent access and cause harm, and we also cut the alarm wire. We then got to a pylon in order to destroy the alarm siren placed on it.
We entered the only two closed structures and destroyed IT equipment and everything that was linked to the alarm system, and this provoked a fire.
Just before we could turn our attention to the animals our revenged was hindered by the arrival of a car, the owner’s, who was patrolling the area, got suspicious because all lights were off and stopped for a check.
Then the police arrived and we were forced to run off, alone, without the animals, this time left in the torturer’s hands.
We won’t be resigned in the face of the proliferation of places of torture and death. The breeding man must have realized that the reputation of his concentration camp as being super-protected was compromised.
Where there’s exploitation there’s also a crack to be opened for escape.
Even if it went wrong this time, we won’t give up until the end of animal slavery…