50 Pheasants Liberated from Beavercreek, Oregon Game Farm

Received anonymously

pheasantfarm_oregonOn the night of February 28th, in an act of love, 50 ringnecked pheasants were liberated from the Estacada Game Farm in Beavercreek, Oregon. These birds would have otherwise been sold to sport hunting outfitters and killed for entertainment. The pheasants thrashed through the air in all directions as they made their way to freedom in the surrounding fields and meadows.

This action is dedicated to the memory of Clément Méric, an anti-fascist vegan who was murdered by neo-nazi skinheads in Paris, France in 2013. We will never forget, we will never forgive.


Note: We request that the North American Animal Liberation Press Office not speak to the media on behalf of this action or associate themselves with this action publicly in any way.

[Press Office note: The same “Game Farm” was targeted in 2015; here is the communique received regarding that action.

On the night of March 16th, 2015, a gate on an aviary was opened at the Estacada Game Farm (25395 South Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek, OR) liberating a flock of ring-necked pheasants into the wild. These birds were bred, among other reasons, to suffer and die in pre-orchestrated canned hunts; a practice which represents the height of human arrogance and disregard towards animal life.

This liberation is dedicated to the individuals who are currently being prosecuted and/or imprisoned under the “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act”. This liberation was also done as a reminder that when we don’t allow fear to prevent us from taking action to directly free animals, we render the AETA obsolete.    -A.L.F]