Pheasants Liberated by Animal Liberation Front

pheasantOn the morning of May 20th, a visit was paid to Gervais Game Bird Farm
(6565 St Louis Rd NE, Gervais, Oregon). This farm breeds ‘game birds’
both for slaughter and to be sold to canned hunting operations. A flight
pen located at the edge of the property had its gate pried open, giving
dozens of captive ringneck pheasants a chance to fly off into the
countryside. Do to logistical concerns the remaining pens and enclosures
on the farm which imprisoned quail and partridge were unable to be
breached. Tonight, direct action was able to give a few animals a chance
at freedom, but there is no solace in the knowledge that some were left

Ringneck pheasants are a naturalized species to the Willamette Valley and those bred on farms retain the natural instincts necessary for survival in the wild.

In solidarity with animal liberation prisoner Kevin Olliff and the silent ones on the run.

For anarchy and animal liberation.