Vegan-Inspired Short Film Release: The Herd

The Herd: A brutal horror film with a compassionate message.

Contact: Ed Pope

Herd-milkposter (2)Inspired of a frustration at the mainstream refusal to accept the sentiency of other species, THE HERD takes that anger and throws it back at the masses. This a film which inflicts every torture suffered by dairy cows on to a group of captive humans.

THE HERD is written by Ed Pope and directed by Melanie Light, and features the considerable acting talents of Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman, Filth), Victoria Broom (ABCs of Death 2, Stalled), Jon Campling (Sleeping Dogs, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows) and Charlotte Hunter (Dungeons and Dragons, Vitality). The score is by Laurent Bernard of the band Gallows.

Imprisoned within inhuman squalor with other women; Paula’s existence and human function is abused as a resource by her captors.

Escape, on any level, is hopeless as the women are condemned to a life of enforced servitude at the whims of their imprisoners for one reason only – their milk.

Enslaved, inseminated and abused – every facet of their life is violated. At first the premise seems exaggerated and absurd; but is, in fact, disgusting in its stark normality.

Deliberately avoiding the lack of finesse associated with “torture porn” and sexploitation, THE HERD eschews these in favour of a vicarious descent into the visceral nightmare of relinquishing the most innate rights of existence.

A dark and transgressive horror short film, THE HERD also asks questions as to how we approach the sentiency of other beings and the importance of the concept of individual freedoms in modern society.

Those who support the idea of taking an uncompromising vegan and animal rights message to a larger audience can find out more about the film and, should they wish, how to support it here: