Fur Farmers Release Guide to Preparing for ALF Raid

Historically, June is the beginning of “fur farm raiding season”, when mink born in March mature to a state where they can be liberated. To prepare, the Fur Commission USA is distributing a two-page document titled “Trespass Season Is Coming. Are You Ready?”, to help mink farmers prepare for possible raids by the Animal Liberation Front. The concern over ALF raids is well-warranted. Since 1995, there have been over 90 raids on fur farms across the US.  A (well-done) chart included in the flier traces the rise and fall of ALF fur farm raids, from the peak of 1997 and 1998, to a whole year without a documented action in 2006, to another small surge in 2008 (and 2011, not shown in the chart). See the flyer, page 1 and page 2.