Animal Liberation Front Members Free Pheasants

KEZI Channel 9

By Heather Turner
March 16, 2012

SCIO, Ore. — Around 100 pheasants are freed from a Linn County farm, and now members of the Animal Liberation Front claim they’re the ones who did it.

In an e-mail to Bite Back magazine, the anonymous group claims it jumped a barbed wire fence Wednesday night, dismantled a flight pen, and set free 75 to 150 pheasants.

The anonymous members of Animal Liberation Front say they were freeing the animals they claim are used for the purpose of inflicting violence for entertainment and pleasure.

Neighbors don’t agree with their actions.

“They need to mind their own business.  This is somebody’s livelihood and what they’re doing. This is the way of life. This is one way how people make money to make a living, so I think whoever did this should step forward,” said Kristin Griffith.

The owner of Queener Ridge Pheasant Company, Greg Bochsler, says he treats the birds with respect.  Bochsler says the birds that were released are now in more danger because of predators than they would have been if they were used for hunting purposes.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this crime.

Deputies say since this is a form of domestic terrorism and the FBI has been notified.

Deputies say between the damage and the loss of value of the birds, which they estimate to be more than $4,000, they say makes this a felony crime.