A Mother’s Reflection – by Walter Bonds Mother

My name is Mickie. Walter Bond is my son. He is a Prisoner Of War for his defense of the Animal Nations. He has been reviled by the press and by those who do not wish to have their consciences tampered with, thereby allowing them to continue to accept the blindness society needs in order for the machine to continue to grind along.

Walter Bond was born a warrior; he did not choose it because he found a worthy or righteous cause. A warrior is born with a fire inside and a need to right wrongs. He is born with a compassion and caring rooted so deeply that it is difficult to walk away from any sort of cruelty, whether it involves the people, the Animal Nations, the oceans and seas or the whole of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of “warrior” is as follows: 1) a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier 2) a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness.

Yes, Walter Bond is a warrior. As his mother, I am very proud. As his mother, I want to rant and rave at the world at large. I want to tell them that America is not this politically correct, sensitive, caring place filled with heroes. Why does heroism only apply to humans? Why is little Johnny a hero for helping the elderly lady next door carry her groceries, or help her cross the busy street, or shovel her walkway after a snowfall — but Walter Bond risks his life and his future to spare animals from imprisonment, torture, horrific daily abuses and is labeled a terrorist, a threat to the well-being of America?

We hear phrases about “the Greening of America,” which of course is a fallacy. You hear of all the different appliances that save energy and are kind to the environment. You hear about new sources of energy that are environmentally “friendly,” safer building materials, environmentally friendly automobiles, etc. – until your head feels like it wants to explode. The bottom line is that you will then leave a smaller “carbon footprint.” What an inane statement that is.

First and foremost, these statements – or rather elitist philosophies – are geared (of course) toward the power mongers. They are the only ones who can afford the twenty, thirty or forty thousand dollars it would take to remodel their homes and turn them into green palaces. An environmentally-friendly home to help save Mother Earth… the Greening of America… what a load of crap. But please let me be politically correct, “what a load of Green Crap.”

The machines grind on, the slaughterhouses keep up their daily executions, the so-called research labs continue their torture on the most innocent beings on the earth. After all, without animal testing the cosmetics companies wouldn’t be able to insure that the bottle of makeup you just purchased really will hide your blemishes or wrinkles or uneven skin tone, etc., ad nauseum.

Next up is “the dumbing-down of America.” Here is my favorite example: politicians. At this point, how can people have faith in any of them? They appear standing on bales of hay, wearing their brad new checkered cotton shirts, brand new jeans and straw summer cowboy hats, and tell you they are just like you… just a hard-working American with simple roots … memories of fishing down by the “ol’ fishing hole” dancing in their heads.

Amazingly, people still believe in them. Folks, look down a little further and you will see that at the bottom of those Levi pant legs, he’s wearing $1,000 leather shoes. The only place he’s having memories of growing up living that hard-scrabble, yet fulfilling simple life is on his private jet, limo or his third, fourth or fifth summer home, while he is enjoying an afternoon cup of tea.
Here is my own personal observation about the submissiveness of the world: People seem to have given away their power, their uniqueness, their confidence in their beliefs and blindly follow the media, politicians and the mainstream consensus.

I consider what passes for civilization these days to be laughable. I suppose that people as a whole can say, “we live in a civilized state,” but do we?… really?

In the Webster’s Dictionary, I found two meanings for the word civilized: 1) having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc. 2) easy to manage or control. Here I will put in writing two examples for these definitions, as I understand them…

1) I live in the Alaskan Wilderness with my man, who is my imperfect best friend. We live with our two wolves, which honor us with their presence every day. We live in a one-room cabin with a loft. We haul water, use an outhouse. Like all animals in the wild, we are part of the food chain. Like all animals who live in harmony with our Mother Earth, we respect each other’s territories. We mind to our own ways and sometimes we fight each other to survive or sometimes we simply let the other know “this is my territory… you must leave.” We all endure our struggles with the winter snows, the cold, the summer floods, the river’s rage. Some of us live through these times, some of us do not. These are the cycles of Mother Earth for the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds and our flying relatives. We risk, we struggle, we enjoy the bounties of our Mother. We survive from year to year, or not. These are the natural rhythms of life. I chose this life because it is a truly civilized society – balanced, humane, respectful of the Mother of us all. All animals have the right to be free, to live and die on their own terms, because of their ability to survive, not caged from birth to feed the lazy and the gluttonous.

There is that other definition of civilized: 2) easy to manage and control.

Watch out folks, the edible ones first… who’s second? Do people packed into apartments in overcrowded cities with just enough money or means to get by, but not enough to move themselves or their children into happy, healthy natural environments ring a bell?… Easy to control?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

How do I feel about my son being imprisoned for standing up for those without a voice, without power to fight back, those whose suffering doesn’t end until death grants them mercy?

I feel at peace and successful as a parent, because when it is time for me to make the spirit journey, I will know the Animal Nations have a truly civilized human being among them – Walter Bond.

And so it is…
Mickie Coyote

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