Home and Car of AstraZeneca Executive Vandalized by Animal Liberation Operatives Support of Animal Testing Firm Huntingdon Life Sciences Cited as Motive

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles: In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office today, animal liberation operatives claim to have used spray paint, paint stripper and etching paste to deface the home and automobile of a vice-president of Aptium Oncology, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca, a self-described biopharmaceutical company, is in turn a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences, against which a campaign has been waged for years as a result of their needlessly killing of approximately 500 innocent animals per day testing pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and other substances.

The communique reads in full:
On the night of October 27, the ALF decided to help Michele Bollinger, VP of Business Development and Consulting for Aptium Oncology, get into the Halloween spirit. We showed up at the house she shares with her husband Jeremy at [redacted] Pelham Ave [Los Angeles] and redecorated her walls and vehicle, with the aid of a little bit of red spraypaint, stripper, and etching paste. The ALF wants to let all the kids in the neighborhood know about the house of horrors that Michele and Aptium, as an AstraZeneca subsidiary, support at Huntingdon Life Sciences. We are so close to shutting this hellhole down for good, let’s make it happen by hitting AstraZeneca where it hurts. Get out there and get active!

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has been exposed in seven consecutive undercover investigations demonstrating lab technicians simulating sex with animals, punching beagle puppies and violating numerous animal welfare regulations. The company kills 500 dogs and other animals every day testing such products as oven cleaners, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Before losing their NYSE listing several years ago, HLS lost their listing on the London Stock Exchange after UK campaigners exposed atrocities occurring inside HLS facilities; the company currently teeters on the brink of bankruptcy.

SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) was formed more than a decade ago to combat the atrocities occurring at the Huntingdon Life Sciences facilities around the globe. More information on the campaign, including additional targets worldwide, is available at www.shac.net