‘Negotiation Is Over’ Interviews the Lone Wolf: Go Vegan and Break Something!

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office is proud to announce the addition of ‘Negotiation is Over’ founder Camille Marino to our Advisors and Speakers Panel. In turn, Ms. Marino was recently honored when current Press Officer Walter Bond joined the NIO collective as the Senior Editor of Militant Direct Action. Her recent interview with the “Lone Wolf” brings out the “fanaticism” in the war for animal liberation that we all share. Walter has surpassed many in conquering his own fears and liberating his own mind — his transformation to warrior is complete. He may be locked away behind bars, but they can never imprison his spirit…

Read the entire interview here.

[Excerpt] NIO: I believe that fear is one of the greatest weapons the oppressors use to manipulate and marginalize activists. Activists allow themselves to be controlled through fear and many become puppets. You once said that your fear lies in not following your conscience, not in consequences. Can you explain this?

About a year and a half ago, my fear of any authority was trumped by my outrage at the casual murder that billions of animals suffer at the hands of speciesist human oppressors. It became trumped by my disgust at how humanity has become a plague of locusts upon Mother Earth and it  became trumped by the disgust I feel at  Euro-centric western civilization.

At some point in time, if you truly care about animals or earth or anarchism, feminism, queer rights, indigenous peoples or anything, fear must take a place on the back burner because it’s the biggest prison of the mind that there is.

Ultimately, that’s why governments need to lock up people like Maxim Vetkin, Braulio Arturo Duran, Adrian Magdaleno Gonzalez or myself — because we are not afraid! We lash out at the systems of abuse and, if we are not imprisoned and vilified or ignored by the media, then there is a very possible threat that others will become empowered. If everyone is empowered and truly taught to handle problems directly, then not only is it probable that they will not need the government, but it’s certain that they will turn on it and destroy it. There really is no alternative.

Your apathy and fear either outweigh your caring and compassion or vice versa. In my case, it was not a decision to champion one over the other. I simply became fed up enough to start striking back and it’s my solemn opinion that everyone should go vegan and break something! -WB