72 Hens Liberated by Animal Liberation Front Delivered to Homes from Conditions of Abuse at Shepherd’s Egg Farm in Utah

For Immediate Release

Spanish Fork, UT: In an anonymous communique received by the Press Office yesterday, the Animal Liberation Front claims to have liberated 72 hens from conditions of abuse at Shepherd’s Egg Farm near Spanish Fork, Utah.

The anonymous communique reads:
In the late hours of April 1st and the early morning of April 2nd our cell liberated 72 hens from Shepherds Egg Farm near Spanish Fork, Utah. The hens are now being transferred to a better place. – The Animal Liberation Front

According to Bruce Friedrich, who lectured the day after the raid at a Utah Valley University conference on animal ethics: The worst industry regarding animal welfare is the egg industry. Hens are crammed into tiny cages that are stacked on top of each other. The birds can’t even spread a single wing in these cages for their entire lives. To keep the birds from pecking at each other in the cages, the egg industry cuts off the tips of birds’ sensitive beaks. After two horrific years, the birds who have survived are yanked out of the crates, trucked to a slaughterhouse, and slammed upside-down into shackles to have their throats slit. Their bodies are too beaten up to be sold as regular chicken flesh; they are turned into pet food or chicken soup instead. And have you ever wondered what happens to male chicks on egg factory farms? They don’t lay eggs, and they are too small to be used for meat, so they are generally tossed into a high-speed grinder while still conscious.

Chickens are naturally inquisitive and would normally spend their lives actively dust- and sunbathing, digging in the underbrush, building nests, playing with their chicks, and so on. Congratulations to the brave activists who provided 72 intelligent beings with a chance to live out their lives in peace and comfort.