HLS Financier Attacked

Communiqué from the Animal Rights Militia
Date: January 31, 2011
Institution Targeted: HLS Financier Goldman Sachs

Received anonymously:

The Animal Rights Militia has begun repaying the massive debt all animal lovers owe Goldman-Sachs. Goldman-Sachs went to court for injunctions, seeking relief from protests in Washington DC against their role in supporting Huntingdon Life Sciences through their investment in Fortress. They will soon realize that injunctions are useless against the underground.

Care packages were sent on January 28 to Goldman-Sachs executives Michael Paese, Lloyd Blankfein, and several others. Michael Paese is the number one macho alpha dog of government relations for Goldman-Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein is the top macho male, CEO of Goldman-Sachs. January 28 was a global day of action against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The packages contain stuffed “dogs” from a toy store, butchered and “bloody” the way the twisted minds at HLS would leave them if they were real.  Each package also contains a half-burned copy of the Constitution of the United States of America. This is in honor of the decision at Goldman-Sachs to burn the Constitution and the First Amendment in court with injunctions against free speech.

Finally,the packages include notes asking the recipients how they would like it if their dogs were at Huntingdon Life Sciences building their investments, and to stop burning the Constitution of the United States of America with unjust court proceedings.

If Goldman-Sachs would prefer not to receive further repayment, there is a way out:  Goldman-Sachs can divest themselves of all shares in Fortress, or Fortress can dump HLS. Either one will be considered repayment in full.

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