Mexico Actions in Solidarity

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: January 30, 2011
Institution Targeted: Hellenic Community of Mexico

Received anonymously:

… We are not in solidarity with the suffering of people, we are in solidarity with the energy and strength of those who do not tolerate their suffering … words of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire

January 12: Militants from the Frente de Liberación de la Tierra wanted to show our full support for the prisoners of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire who will be prosecuted on the 17th of this month. So, armed with gasoline, we took to the streets to stoke the flames of insurrection. We claim responsibility for the burning of: A white van parked outside a luxury home A cargo trailer And a bulldozer inside a construction site All these targets were in the town of Coacalco in Mexico State. We are against civilization and its whole system of domination. The burning of cars is a clear challenge to the authorities who look after the interests of those who destroy ecosystems.

Cars are now and will always be an important target, since the automobile industry is one of the biggest polluters, is making the land desolate and destroying the little remaining wildlife. More and more each day, the cities are filled with these machines; society (as always) is complicit with the planetary destruction, making the automobile industry more profitable due to the massive demand for them on every street; their unhappiness multiplying, disguised behind a smile on their face and their hands on the wheel.

Life in society is false like everything in civilization. The newest cell phone? The latest car model? A luxurious beachfront house? The newest technology? All are lies, it is all an illusion fueled by the false hope of becoming ‘someone’ in life, a life governed by those who always tell you what to do and what not to do. Because of all this, we say, war on society, war against the established order, war on modern civilization!

With this communique, in addition to this small critique of the systemized society, we also want to make public our participation in the International Network of Action and Solidarity. It will be based on the extensive effort of many individuals, cells and/or groups. We know that with time a network made up of people unknown to each other but with a common purpose will be one of the primary threats to the capital-state. We are already it, now that we are each acting on our own, imagining ourselves striking together, but in different parts of the world.

A fraternal greeting to the CCF of Greece, to the FAI in Italy, to the individual activists in Chile, to the ELF of Russia, to the autonomous individuals burning cars in Argentina and Germany, to the other comrades of Mexico and to any another person or persons who wish to participate in joint efforts of direct confrontation against all authority for years to come!

Freedom for comrades imprisoned in Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Chile and throughout the world!
Animal and Earth Liberation!
Atonement through social war!
Fire to civilization!

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra


Claim of responsibility for placement of a homemade bomb at an HSBC bank branch in the Ecatepec city center during the night of January 16. The action was in solidarity with imprisoned activists of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Greece.
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received anonymously (translation):

In direct solidarity with the accused in the case of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Athens, we carried out two bomb threats against the Hellenic Community of Mexico in the municipality of Naucalpan, against the president, Mrs. Helena Stamatiades and against a cafe belonging to Mrs. Noemi Mavridis from the city of Queretaro, also a member of the community.

Neither Greece nor Mexico will be saved from being attacked or threatened by us anarchists who want to see the cities burn!
For internal revolution!
For Earth and Animal Liberation!
Against all societies that exist!
In solidarity with Adrian and Braulio!
For the formation of an Informal and International Anarchist Federation!

Animal Liberation Front