Radio, Newspaper Exposure of UCLA Pro-Vivisection Organizers Apologists for Animal Abuse Exposed in Media

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA: In an article today in the LA Times, as well as radio interviews on KPCC/NPR Radio, UCLA primate vivisector David Jentsch has exposed and poorly defended the immense suffering of non-human primates in his and his colleagues’ laboratories. Jentsch faired badly when confronted by physician and Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD, and has served nicely to bring the issue of animal exploitation into the mainstream media.

Jentsch declined an offer to debate Dr. Vlasak directly on KPCC Radio, as other vivisectors have declined similar requests to discuss the scientific validity and ethical consequences of their outdated, scientifically fraudulent, and cruel practices experimenting on non-human animals.

Last week, Jentsch, who addicts non-human primates to PCP and methamphetamines before killing them, announced his formation of Pro-Test UCLA, a group of faculty and administrators who had apparently intended to defend the university’s ongoing practice of killing animals. Neither Jentsch nor his supporters have been able to provide specific evidence their research will ever effectively treat human disease, nor have they previously been willing to discuss or consider the use of more modern research techniques that no longer involve killing animals.

To listen to the KPCC Radio interview of vivisector Jentsch, followed by the appearance of Jerry Vlasak, MD, click here:

Read the Los Angeles Times article here.

“If only he were willing, I relish the opportunity to debate David Jentsch, not only on the lack of scientific merit to animal experimentation, but also on the tactics used to stop animal abusers at UCLA. After years of polite offers to debate and negotiate, UCLA’s obstinacy has forced activists to pursue more effective means of halting animal experimentation”, said Dr. Vlasak.