Happy Easter for Canadian Rabbits Animal Liberation Front Frees Rabbits Destined for Slaughter

For Immediate Release

Quebec, Canada: In a communique received today by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front claims to have freed captive rabbits exploited for Christian rituals in Quebec, Canada.

The brief communique reads:
April 11, Bunnies in Quebec liberated from petting zoo. Their fate after Easter was unknown, to be sold to the highest bidder (farm to be slaughtered or testing lab)  –ALF .

Although not delineated in the communique, typical liberations of domesticated animals by the ALF also involve their placement in homes where they can live out their lives in comfort, unmolested and uneaten by humans.

Thousands of rabbits and young chickens are rounded up every easter and peddled to children and their parents in a bizarre aberration of a religious festival that is purported to celebrate the murder of Jesus Christ, a largely fictional character in Christian theology. According to the Easter holiday rhetoric, a  rabbit hides the eggs of a chicken after first painting them in bright colors, and this is somehow related to their creation-story of the crucifixion of  their religious group’s idol.

“There is no accounting for the ways humans will conceive to abuse, exploit and kill their non-human brethren.” states press officer Jerry Vlasak.