UCLA Primate Vivisectors Mailed Hazardous Objects Campaign Escalates Against Those Addicting Non-human Primates to Meth, PCP

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA: In an anonymous communique received by the Press Office this week, an organization calling itself the Justice Department claims to have mailed hazardous objects to a number of UCLA vivisectors. Those included in the mailing are notorious for addicting non-human primates to methamphetamines, PCP and other drugs of human abuse before killing them in their laboratories and writing about their deeds in obscure scientific journals. At least one recipient, Edythe London, has been targeted previously by animal liberationists in their campaign to stop the needless suffering of non-human primates. Nothing any of the vivisectors have done to non-human primates has been applicable to treating human illness.

The current communique reads in part:
We sent three ‘greeting cards’ to three nasty primate vivisectors, one to Edythe London at xxxx Edgely Place Los Angeles California 90024, one to Joaquin Fuster at xxxx Pesquera Drive Los Angeles California 90049 and one to Peter A. Anton at xxxx Hollywood Boulevard Apartment xxx Los Angeles California 90046. In each we sent four needles dipped in rat poison strategically placed so when they opened the letter one of the needles would puncture them. The irony is that we got these needles from a primate laboratory at ucla.

We know where you go during the day, we know where you do your dry cleaning, we know where you shop and we know that you will end up being cornered and taught a lesson you and your family will never forget. Until you end your experimentation on primates, we’ll be in your life forever watching, waiting and then doing to you exactly what you do to them. –Justice Department

To read the full communique, click here.

Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a medical doctor and former vivisector, is not surprised at the persistent acts of sabotage. “As UCLA continues to throw away scarce medical research funding on antiquated and useless animal experimentation, other centers utilize modern medical techniques that are far more likely to result in cures for human patients such as those I and other clinicians treat daily. The refusal by UCLA administration to dialogue for years with mainstream activists and their own students on the scientific fraud of vivisection naturally enough results in additional consequences at the hands of less patient activists.”

Vivisection, or experimentation on animals, is not only an evil that is perpetrated on millions of innocent animals, but is also scientifically fraudulent. While 20,000 children worldwide die every month from lack of access to clean water, vivisectors in University of California laboratories are wasting money addicting primates to crystal methamphetamines, gluing coils to the globes of their eyes and doing other inhumane and painful experiments on other species of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, mice and birds. In a civilized society, and with better alternatives to animal experimentation, US academia should be on the fore-front of good, solid, non-animal-based research that could save the lives of children and adults alike. Instead, greedy “scientists” continue business as usual by torturing and mutilating non-human animals; it seems that until they begin doing ethical and scientifically-valid non-animal research, vivisectors will continue to be a target for those who are moral, courageous and heroic.