Physicians Relish Debate With Pro-Test UCLA Organizers Apologists for Animal Abuse Challenged to Publicly Defend Their Position

For Immediate Release

After years of refusing to debate physicians and animal advocates, UCLA vivisectors are again being challenged to publicly debate, on campus and in full view of students, faculty and the press, their outdated, scientifically fraudulent, and cruel practices  experimenting on non-human animals. The scientific merits of abandoning animal research are widely accepted, and will be intelligently and vigorously defended by physician Ray Greek, M.D.

Earlier this week, UCLA primate experimenter David Jentsch announced his formation of Pro-Test UCLA, a group of faculty and administrators who intend to defend the university’s ongoing practice of killing animals, including non-human primates, as they addict them to methamphetamines, PCP , and nicotine. None of the supporters of animal experimentation have provided specific evidence their research will ever effectively treat human disease, nor have they previously been willing to discuss or consider the use of more modern research techniques that no longer involve killing animals.

Contacted at Americans For Medical Advancement, Dr. Ray Greek, an anesthesiologist and outspoken critic of animal experimentation solely on the grounds of its scientific inefficacy, states “I am more than willing to participate in a debate on the science behind using animals to predict human response to disease and drugs. A debate about the ethics of animal experimentation will be more informed if the science is clear before-hand. I look forward to a conversation based on science and reason if UCLA Pro-Test advocates have a capable representative and are willing to publicly state their flawed position.”

North American Animal Liberation Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD, also a physician, is willing to debate UCLA animal experimenters at a separate event: “I relish the opportunity to debate not only the lack of scientific merit to animal experimentation, but I am also looking forward to explaining and defending the tactics used to stop animal abusers at UCLA. After years of polite offers to debate and negotiate, UCLA’s obstinacy has forced activists to pursue more effective means of halting animal experimentation. UCLA have no one to blame but themselves and their greed, as some faculty continue to ignore modern research techniques and waste research funding on animal experimentation.”