Animal Liberation Brigade Burns Vehicle at Home of UCLA Primate Vivisector David Jentsch , Collaborator with Edythe London in Addicting Non-human Primates to Methamphetamines

For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA: In an anonymous communique received by the Press Office yesterday, the Animal Liberation Brigade claims to have burned a vehicle at the home of UCLA vivisector David Jentsch. Jentsch is notorious for addicting non-human primates to methamphetamines before killing them in his laboratory and writing about his deeds in obscure scientific journals. His collaborator Edythe London has also been targeted by animal liberationists in their campaign to stop the needless suffering of non-human primates at the hands of egotistical vivisectors intent on obtaining as much grant money as possible in order to ensure their continued employment. Nothing either of the vivisectors have done to non-human primates has been applicable to treating human illness.

The current communique reads:
On Friday night March sixth we burned a vehicle at the home of David Jentsch xxxx Beverly Glen Boulevard in Los Angeles. Jentsch is a peice of human shit who addicts monkeys to methamphetamines and other street drugs at the University of California at Los Angeles.

He associates with other peices of human shit like Edythe London who is addicting and experimenting on monkeys. The things you and others like you do to feeling sentient monkeys is so cruel and disgusting we can’t believe anyone would be able to live with themselves.

David, here’s a message just for you, we will come for you when you least expect it and do a lot more damanage than to your property. Where ever you go and what ever you do we’ll be watching you as long as you continue to do your disgusting experiments on monkeys.

And a special message for the FBI, the more legit activists you fuck with the more it inspires us since wer’re the people whom you least suspect and when we hit we hit hard.  –Animal Liberation Brigade

Press Officer Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a medical doctor and former vivisector, is not surprised at the persistent acts of sabotage. “As UCLA continues to throw away scarce medical research funding on antiquated and useless animal experimentation, other centers continue to utilize modern medical techniques that are far more likely to result in cures for human patients such as those I and other clinicians treat daily. The administration refusal to dialogue for years with mainstream activists and their own students on the matter naturally enough results in additional consequences at the hands of less patient activists.”

In related developments, last Wednesday night ABC News’ Nightline released video of undercover footage shot at UL Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center. The footage, along with a 108-page report of 328 complaints of physical and psychological mistreatment of chimpanzees and monkeys at the center has been forwarded to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agency’s secretary, Thomas Vilsack, has promised an investigation.

Vivisection, or experimentation on animals, is not only an evil that is perpetrated on millions of innocent animals, but is also scientifically fraudulent. While 20,000 children worldwide die every month from lack of access to clean water, vivisectors in University of California laboratories are wasting money addicting primates to crystal methamphetamines, gluing coils to the globes of their eyes and doing other inhumane and painful experiments on other species of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, mice and birds. In a civilized society, and with better alternatives to animal experimentation, US academia should be on the fore-front of good, solid, non-animal-based research that could save the lives of children and adults alike. Instead, greedy “scientists”continue business as usual by torturing and mutilating non-human animals; it seems that until they begin doing ethical and scientifically-valid non-animal research, vivisectors will continue to be a target for those who are moral, courageous and heroic.