Postal Annoyance Brigade Targets Utah Fur Farms

Communiqué from the The Postal Annoyance Brigade
Date: March 9, 2009
Institution Targeted: Utah Fur Farms

Received anonymously:

Hello Again from the Postal Annoyance Brigade!

It’s been a few weeks since our last communique.

Our latest Annoyance Attack was on the Fur Industry!

This attack was even bigger than our previous attack on University of Utah Researchers.

Here is a list of our lucky friends:

List A:
(we targeted these friends because of their huge impact on the Fur Trade)

* Fur Breeders Co-Op (Sandy)
8700 South 7th St. West
Sandy, Utah 84070

*Fur Breeders Co-Op (Logan)
1000 West 200 North
Logan, Utah 84321

*Holt Mink Ranch
10291 South 1230 West
South Jordan, Utah 84095
(Ryan Holt is a Board member of the Fur Commission USA)

*Westwood Mink
8137 South 1800 West
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
(Paul Westwood is Vice President of Fur Commission USA)

*Boyce Brothers Fur Farm
860 East 525 North
Morgan, Utah 84050
(Bryan P. Boyce is Vice President of the American Mink Council)

List B:
(These friends were chosen for the reasons stated below them)

*Black Willow Mink
340 North Main Street
Coalville, Utah 84017
(These friends were chosen because they actually have a website to promote their disgusting trade)

*Margetts Mink Ranch
1975 Canal Road
West Jordan, Utah 84084
(These friends were chosen because their murderous breeding mill is smack dap in the middle of a neighborhood)

*River Jordan Mink Ranch
9330 North 10400 West
Lehi, Utah 84043
(These friends were chosen because they have one of the biggest fur farms in America)

*McMullin & Sons Fur Farm
10495 South 1540 West
South Jordan, Utah 84095
(These friends were chosen because they had the lucky opportunity to be visted by some aliens last year who abducted some of their mink. Hope the extra financial pressures put you under. Also they are located in a neighborhood as well.)

*Larson Fur Farm
8622 North 9150 West
Lehi, Utah 84043
(Just Because)

Each of these ‘friends’ recieved over thousands of dollars worth of magazine subscriptions and junk mail.

love your friends,
The Postal Annoyance Brigade