Winner’s Shops Coats Destroyed

Communiqué from the Unnamed Activists
Date: January 12, 2009
Institution Targeted: Winner’s Shops

Received anonymously

This is a message to ALL Canadians who do not support animal cruelty, we have a confession AND a challenge for you.

$25 000 worth of cheap winter jackets with REAL fur trim on them have been sabotaged at Winner’s locations all accross Canada. Winners sells jackets with real rabbit, fox, mink, and DOG fur all sourced from animals raised on hellish fur farms in China. These jackets with real fur are mixed in amoung jackets with FAUX fur, they are poorly labelled and some of them are not labelled at all, making it extremely difficult for shoppers to recognize. The majority of their customers have no idea they are buying real fur from tortured animals at all.

There is footage available on the internet of rabbits and raccoon dogs being killed on chinese fur farms and it shows that the animals remained consious while they were being skinned, screaming and writhing in pain as their skin is being cut off them, one animal was even filmed trying to bite a chinese fur farmer as he finished skinning her and some of the animals were still alive long after their skin was removed and they were thrown in the dead pile.

Winners has been contacted many times by concerned Canadians and their answer to this concern and complaints was ‘As long as it is in style we will continue to sell it.’

The jackets were destroyed with razor blades, car keys, glue and chewing gum. We would like to challenge all other compassionate poeple to do the same, target ALL Winners locations accross Canada in an effort to show the powers that be: WE DEMAND YOU GO FUR FREE NOW AND WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE. WE ENCOURAGE ALL ACTS OF NON VIOLENT ECONOMIC SABOTAGE AGAINST WINNERS AND THEIR OTHER COMPANY HOME SENSE.

As long as animals are being skinned alive and sold for profit inside Winners, we challenge all who care, to commit economic sabotage against these blood thirsty monsters until they agree to pull all fur from the store.