Another UCLA Van “Effectively Removed” by Animal Liberationists

For Immediate Release
July 22, 2008

Another UCLA Van “Effectively Removed” by Animal Liberationists
University “Held Accountable” for Abuse of Primates in its Laboratories

Los Angeles. In an anonymous communiqué received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, a UCLA van was “removed” as part of a campaign to force the university to stop torturing and killing non-human primates in their laboratories. This most recent communiqué regarding a UCLA van being “effectively removed” comes just weeks after another UCLA van was set ablaze. The Press Office doesn’t know exactly what the author(s) of this communiqué meant by the phrase “effectively removed” regarding the UCLA van in a Riverside County location.

The communiqué reads:
Kudos to whoever lit that UCLA van ablaze a couple of weeks ago. Your action inspired us to look into these vans as well. You were right. They are everywhere. We effectively removed one of them from it’s location in Riverside county last weekend. The funding that UCLA spent on purchasing this particular van will be redirected to save animals rather than the torturing of monkeys that UCLA is doing. Awashed in shame and the blood of innocents UCLA will continue to be held accountable. Hopefully by a rapidly growing number of people doing whtever it takes. Activists: GET OUT THERE!!!

A long-running campaign to stop the medically useless research on non-human primates at UCLA has seen peaceful and mainstream efforts such as leafleting, petitions, meeting with UCLA administration and even home demonstrations fail, as more animals die at larger expense to the public every year. Underground, illegal direct actions against primate vivisectors and now a second UCLA van being attacked is a good indication that UCLA’s strategy of trying to get restraining orders against activists isn’t working.

Animal Liberation Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD states: “UCLA may consider themselves an institution of higher education, but they are also an institution of primate torture, mutilation and death. UCLA’s primate research is a colossal waste of taxpayer money, and their soliciting of money from the tobacco and other industry groups to study their retail product is considered unethical by most physicians interested in research that might help their patients.”

“Most UCLA researchers, not being clinicians, appear to have little interest in helping people, but instead seem to derive pleasure in addicting primates to ‘Crystal Meth’ and other drugs to further their own personal goals of academic and monetary enrichment. The recent attacks by the animal liberationists should come as no surprise to UCLA; they will undoubtedly remain a target until they stop their heinous experiments upon these innocent and non-consenting primates.”