Utah Fur Farms Vanish by the Dozen (USA)

Received anonymously

Recently, aboveground activists visited Utah to determine the operational status of known fur farms in the state. 25 fur farms were surveilled, and only 1 was confirmed as currently in operation.

This is the grim state of the U.S. fur industry.

Activists found dilapidated sheds, piles of rusted and decayed cages and nesting boxes, and complete silence on properties that once echoed with the simultaneous cries of thousands of mink yearning for freedom.

The Salt Lake Valley was once the nerve center of the fur industry – where mink murderers once operated not in rural isolation – but within blocks of elementary schools and where tens of thousands of mink languished at farms directly off of major interstates.

Utah has seen at least 12 raids on fur farms, and numerous sabotage actions by the Animal Liberation Front. At least 16,790 wild animals have been liberated from captivity into their natural environment.


In 1997, the most vital component to the proliferation of the fur industry in the state was bombed – the Fur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative in Sandy – with over $1 million in damages resulting.

Most recently, in 2020, an ALF cell visited an unknown Utah mink farm, and released over 1100 mink.

That ALF cell said it best – calling on us all to finish the work of past liberators who fought hard when there was no light at the end of the tunnel – and now every bankrupted fur farmer and abandoned wildlife prison is that light.

“Caging the wild is a heinous offense against life – against freedom. Every cage is worth emptying, and to begin this work is not difficult. Pressure from animal liberation activists, a declining demand for the products and economic downswings have come together to push the archaic fur industry further than ever towards full collapse. Wiping fur farms off the landscape is a worthy and attainable goal. What’s needed now is for the reader to reflect on what is stopping them from picking up where others left off.”

For a full list of U.S. fur farms visit finalnail.com